The DPPH project officially started on April 1st 2018. In order to plan the project activities and kickstart them, the six groups conforming the project consortium held its first official DPPH meeting on February 20th 2018 at EPFL.

This meeting evaluated the success of the First Workshop on Secure, Privacy-conscious Data Sharing held at EPFL on February 15th. Project targets, liaisons and management tools were revised and updated, and the consortium specified the foreseen effort and plan for the nine work packages:

  • WP1: Requirements
  • WP2: Early Real-Size Deployment of a First Version
  • WP3: Privacy-Conscious Technology for Medical Data Sharing
  • WP4: Quantifying and Addressing Inference Risks on Biomedical Databases
  • WP5: Decentralized Trust and Accountability in Medical Data Processing
  • WP6: Big Data Infrastructure and Knowledge Management for Medical Data
  • WP7: Patient Monitoring and Data Collection
  • WP8: Deploying and Validating the System in Practical Use Cases
  • WP9: Ethics and Users’ Perspectives

The next DPPH consortium meeting will take place on September 13th 2018.