Talks at European i2b2 tranSMART 2018

Presenter: Mickael Misbach Title: “A common and privacy-preserving front-end for open-source clinical research platforms” Venue: European i2b2 tranSMART Academic Users Group Conference, Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, 2018, Geneva, Switzerland Presenter: Jean Louis Raisaro Title: “MedCo: Enabling Privacy-Conscious Exploration of Distributed Clinical and Genomic Data” Venue: European i2b2 tranSMART Academic Users Group Conference, Oct. […]


Presenter: Bryan Ford, Title: “Coins, Clubs, and Crowds: Scaling and Decentralization inNext-Generation Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies.” [slides] Venue: Loria Campus Scientifique, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France, 11 October 2018 link

Talk at the GA4GH Plenary Event

DPPH is a Swiss response to growing concerns about health data privacy. it is a project whose goals are highly aligned with those of GA4GH, dimensioned for the Swiss scale, but with an international vision. With participation from five research groups across the ETH Domain and the Swiss Data Sciences Center, the project will (i) address the main privacy, security, scalability, and ethical challenges of data sharing for enabling effective P4 medicine; (ii) define an optimal balance between usability, scalability and data protection, and (iii) deploy an appropriate set of computing tools.

Talks at Genopri 2018 workshop co-located with GA4GH

This is the first public presentation of the GenoShare decision-support tool whose goal is to provide citizens willing to share their genomic data for research with a systematic way to quantify the privacy risk stemming from such sharing and to enable them to take a privacy-conscious and informed decision.