Talk by Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux at the GA4GH Plenary Event

DPPH is a Swiss response to growing concerns about health data privacy. it is a project whose goals are highly aligned with those of GA4GH, dimensioned for the Swiss scale, but with an international vision. With participation from five research groups across the ETH...

Kickoff Meeting

The DPPH project officially started on April 1st 2018. In order to plan the project activities and kickstart them, the six groups conforming the project consortium held its first official DPPH meeting on February 20th 2018 at EPFL.

Workshop on Secure, Privacy-Conscious Data Sharing

The goal of this workshop is to discuss the latest advances in the field and identify the key elements from the technical, ethical and legal perspectives that will ensure a more privacy-conscious data sharing in the near future, thus paving the way to new and still unexplored use cases. Link:

First i2b2/MedCo Technical Workshop

This is the first initial step in the long-term target of DPPH to produce innovative technical solutions to many privacy-related issues in close collaboration with clinicians, medical researchers and hospital IT specialists in various clinical settings, and provide the personalized health community with optimal resources to perform cutting-edge research in an ethical and privacy-conscious way.